Peter Gialamas
Township Clerk

Peter Gialamas, has been a resident of Maine Township for over 40 years, and over the course of those 40 years, he has a long history of civic involvement. He served as a Commissioner on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the City of Des Plaines from 2003 through 2007. As a commissioner of zoning, Pete took pride in the ongoing developments in the city of Des Plaines. From 2007 to 2009 Peter served as Collector, and for the last two terms, he has served as Trustee of Maine Township, where his accomplishments include the Board’s record of fiscal responsibility and community outreach. Part of his community outreach has been as the chairperson for Maine Township’s National Night Out Against Crime, which Peter has hosted for the last three years.   Peter has added a fresh approach to the community event hosting some 700 residents. All residents are invited. Themes vary from year to year, but the sole purpose is to form unity between the police and community against crime.


Active in family and community Peter and his wife Denise are proud to spearhead the Free Little Library initiative in Des Plaines.  They have a small outdoor library at their home where children and adults are welcome to take a book and are encouraged to leave a book.  Literacy and education are essential to Peter, his family and the community. The family is thrilled to see children stopping by on their way home from school.

As a successful Realtor since 1994, Peter has won numerous awards for production and quality service.  He is also an active member of the Des Plaines Elks Lodge.  He and his wife, Denise, have a 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, who attends Iroquois Community School. Denise and Peter are leaders with the Girl Scout Troop associated with that school. As a longtime resident and community leader, Peter is a valued Maine Township Trustee who works hard for the residents.