Kelly Schaefer

Kelly DeGrazio Schaefer was appointed as Trustee in August 2016 to fill the vacancy of Walter Kazmierczak.

Schaefer was born and raised right here in Park Ridge. Schaefer has tirelessly served her family and community for over 20 years. In service to her family, Schaefer has donned many hats. She served as P.T.O. President of Lincoln Middle School for two consecutive years, Maine South Hawkettes Fund Raising Chair, Wrestling and Football committee chairman at Maine South for five consecutive years, and has served as committee chairperson on committees too numerous to list for Washington Elementary School over a 12-year period. Schaefer also proudly served on the Park Ridge Community Center Board for multiple years.

Professionally, Schaefer served as Director of Business Development for a Marketing and Display Company, a family owned and operated business. Known for her organizational mastery, Schaefer served as Campaign Manager for several judicial campaigns, enjoying wins in part due to her work ethic and tenacity. Adding to her career resume, Schaefer honed her service skills at United Airlines for five years and is currently a Customer Service Star for Delta Airlines. Schaefer is in her 6th year with Delta Airlines and has many Commendations of Excellence in Customer Service to add to her many accomplishments.