The Maine Township Republican Unity Slate offers voters in the upcoming April 4th Consolidated Election a unity slate comprised of experienced Township board members and fresh faces in our goal of providing excellent service to our Maine Township Community in a fiscally responsible manner. Townships are the government closest to the people and at Maine Township we offer an exceptional level of resident services while keeping your tax rate for such services lower than 2% of your property tax bill. We know that every hard earned penny counts and have been one of the only local governments to consistently balance our budget, keep the property tax levy flat, all while operating with zero debt. Keeping the tax levy flat means that Maine Township did not ask you, the taxpayer for more money!

Our slate promises to continue exploring innovative ways to keep improving efficiency of operations while not sacrificing quality of services to the Maine community. Please check out our About page to see the types of services offered at our Township, then explore our

Meet The Candidates page, all of whom have years of dedication and public service to their respective communities comprising Maine Township. As always, this is a team effort and would love you to join our team over at the Join Our Team Page. Finally, check out the upcoming events as well as news and pictures of your Republican team!

A few upcoming events to note; the Candidates’ Forum at which we will be appearing co-sponsored by the Republican Women of Park Ridge and the Maine Township Republicans womens’ club. on Thursday, February 16th at Prospect Park.

A week later please join us as we celebrate our President Day fundraiser at Countryside Saloon in Des Plaines on February 23rd from 5:30-7:30. Tickets will be going on sale February 1st.

It promises to be a fun filled festive tribute to our Founding Fathers who principles of government of the people, by the people and for the people,

we pledge to carry on.



Republican Unity Slate